To Glider Bears your one stop shop for any and everything sugar gliders. We specialize in Educating all of our visitors and guests, that are thinking about making that big step in adding a special friend into the family. You can also find links to glider products and also lots of pictures with different types of suggies and color patterns
Sugar Gliders 101
Here you can find information on categories like Caring for your glider, Upkeep, Diet, and just all around great info you might be interesed in. Always make sure to Visit periodically as we always add new information and fun new tips and advice.
  1. Sugar Glider HIstory
    Sugar Glider HIstory
  2. Sugar Glider Care and Handling
    Sugar Glider Care and Handling
  3. Basic Cage, Toys, And Diet
    Basic Cage, Toys, And Diet
Different  Types of Color Varieties.
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